Come and worship at Westminster

Sunday Morning Worship Service:  10:45AM

Sunday School:  9:30AM    

Wednesday Prayer Meeting:  7:00PM

Address:  1150 McKinley Avenue Vincennes, IN 47591

Come and visit Westminster Presbyterian Church, where we take your questions seriously and we take God's Word seriously. If you are wrestling with the big questions of life, there is no better place to go where you can encounter God's answers. To catch up on our current sermon series click the Sermon Series link. 

Love God   Love His Church   Love His World

For God's glory, Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) is building up Christian disciples (Eph. 4:13, 14) who are growing in love for God, love for His church, and love for His world by encouraging and equipping one another to embody these three characteristics:

  1. Faithful Worshipers of God

  2. Active Members in the Family of God

  3. Compassionate Ambassadors to God's World

Keep reading below to learn more about the ministries of WPC and how those ministries coordinate to encourage spiritual growth...


Faithful Worshipers of God  

    Have you ever wondered why Christians have made a habit of worshiping God every Sunday for two-thousand years? It's not because of the entertainment value (often lacking) or because of the social interaction (as great as church fellowship can be) or because of mere obligation (maybe you don't feel obligated anymore). So what is the reason? Because God demands it and deserves it. And, get this, it's the best way for spiritual growth to occur.

    At Westminster, we gather to worship God in God's way. We focus our entire service on feasting upon the Word of God in the Bible through various means: sermons, hymns & psalms, confessions, prayers, readings, and sacraments. These things are not treated as dry, archaic rituals at our church! They are the very life-lines that we need and that God promises to powerfully use in our lives. In worship we put God first, and we strive to make Him first in every area of our lives throughout the week. In this way, worship informs and energizes our entire lives. 


Active Members of the Family of God

    The Christian life is hard. God doesn't expect you to live it out on your own. The apostle Paul says that we are like different parts of one body, and that we need one another (1 Cor. 12:12-27). God even describes the church as a family (Eph. 2:19). To live the Christian life in a way that is faithful to our Savior, Jesus Christ, we need the local church.

    In an effort to function as the family of God, the congregation of WPC meets together in various settings outside of Sunday worship services.

  1. We meet for Sunday School before worship service. These gatherings allow church members to ask questions, dialogue about how to apply God's Word, and grow in knowledge of the Scriptures. There are two classes offered for children, and there is a single class for teens and adults.

  2. We meet for prayer meetings every Thursday night to lift up prayers for the community, for the church broadly, for the ministries of Westminster, and for the individual needs of church members.

  3. We gather together for men's and women's discipleship groups. These groups give church members a place for more personalized application of God's Word and for further prayer together.

  4. Our church holds monthly fellowship meals following Sunday worship service (1st Sundays of the month).

  5. The leadership practices shepherding visits where a couple of church elders visit member families once a year. These meetings are a great joy for the elders and an encouragement to the members of the church.

  6. In the summer, some church members will gather to participate in our theology reading group, a book club for theology nerds!

  7. We also have various, occasional fellowship gatherings, just because we love to meet together as a church.


Compassionate Ambassadors to God's World

    How do I become a compassionate ambassador? What does this even mean? The apostle Paul tells us that Christians are representatives of Christ on earth (2 Cor. 5:16-21). We relay the message that Jesus speaks in the Bible. We declare the hope found only in the forgiveness offered through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Jn. 3:16). 

    Many Christians don't know how it should look to be an ambassador for Jesus. There is nothing easy about it! But, the church of God, at WPC, wants to help Christians in carrying out this holy calling, sometimes referred to as the great commission (Matt. 28).

    Through the teaching and discipleship ministries listed above, members at WPC learn to clearly, truthfully, and lovingly articulate the gospel to anyone and everyone they meet. At WPC we are striving to be hospitable neighbors to our friends, co-workers, literal neighbors, and family members in order to share the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Come and be a part of this growing community of Christian disciples!