What to Expect When You Come?

"Style" of Worship:  Our aim is to worship God in the way that He has prescribed in the Bible (the Word of God). This is not mere restriction, rather it frees us to enjoy God-honoring worship and simplifies our services to focus on the good news of the Gospel. Come in a t-shirt or a tie. We will be happy to welcome you as you are.

    We pray the Word, we sing the Word with time-tested hymns and psalms, we hear the Word read and preached, we respond to the Word with confession of sin and faith, and we see the Word with the sacraments of baptism and communion. With all our heart, we want to worship God "in Spirit and in truth," relying on the grace of God so that our worship would be pleasing in His sight. (Sample Liturgy)

Children: At Westminster we want to see men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds come to worship God with one voice and in one gathering. For this reason, we encourage members and visitors to bring their children into worship. For parents with young children, we offer a nursery space with audio of the service, enabling you to continue participating in worship. 


Communion: The Lord's Supper is served every week at Westminster PCA. This sacrament is a family meal for the household of faith. Those who have publicly professed faith in Christ as their Lord and Savior, are baptized, and are members in good standing with an evangelical church are invited to partake in the communion meal (1 Cor 11).